Move More For Better Health

Our bodies are shaped by the way that we move.

Pain and injury are often linked to how we use our bodies all day, every day, not just for the few hours a week when we exercise. How we sit in the office or the car; how much time we spend walking; the shoes we wear – these things have an enormous impact on our health.

In order for our joints and muscles to be truly healthy we need low-intensity movement spread throughout the day. I can offer strategies and advice for increasing the amount of movement you get during your day by making simple lifestyle changes.

“I’m so busy, I don’t have time to move more!”

It is very common to feel pressed for time. That is why I offer solutions that allow you to get more movement while still getting everything else done. The kind of low-intensity movement that we need for whole-body health doesn’t require a change of clothes or travel time to a gym. All it takes is a bit of thinking outside the box and more movement can easily be slipped into a busy schedule.

Here are some examples of changes you can make:

Turn your desk into a dynamic workspace

Spending hours a day sitting in a chair puts you at risk for a range of health problems. A daily workout will have lots of benefits but won’t undo the effects of sitting for so many hours. The best thing you can do for you health is to get continuous, low intensity movement throughout your day. Having a desk-based job doesn’t mean you to have to sit in a chair all day long – standing workstations are become more and more common.  I can help you redesign your workspace and your schedule to facilitate more movement and help to improve your whole-body health.

Transition to minimal footwear

Structured shoes limit the natural movement of the feet and can alter the body’s alignment. There are many good reasons to transitioning to more minimal footwear. The key word is transition – it is important to make changes slowly to allow the body time to adapt without pain and injury. I can advise you as you make these changes and show you corrective exercises to improve the strength and flexibility of the muscles in your feet which will help to smooth the transition to minimal footwear.

Make your home more movement-friendly

Learn about the benefits of squat-platforms for your toilets, going “furniture-free”, using hanging bars and providing textured surfaces for your feet.


This service is also available via Skype. Get in touch for more information.