Deep Tissue Massage Using Coconut Oil

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When you rub an oil or a lotion on your skin it slowly disappears, right? Well where does it go? It gets absorbed into your skin! This is why my general rule of thumb is not to use anything on my clients’ skin that I wouldn’t eat. This is why, for my massages in Bangor, I love to use coconut oil. I also use the same coconut oil at home to cook with. That way I know that when the oil is absorbed into the skin it doesn’t add to the toxic load that our bodies already have to cope with due to the chemicals that are already present in our environments from cleaning products, laundry detergents pesticides and much more. The last thing you want from a health-promoting and relaxing massage is for your body to have to deal with even more toxins. And as a bonus, the coconut oil smells amazing and leaves your skin feeling soft and rehydrated.

(But don’t worry if you don’t like coconuts or have an allergy. I also have almond oil and grape seed oil that are also non-toxic, just let me know when you book your appointment.)