Many of the clients that I see in my clinic have pain and injuries caused, at least in part, by a sedentary lifestyle. I became a therapist because I want to help people get to the root causes of their ailments so it was the next logical step to tackle two of the major sources of our culture’s sedentary habits: the office and the classroom.

Workplace Wellness Consulting

Many people have desk-based jobs, which can come with a number of health risks. Those risks are not cancelled out by doing short bouts of exercise before or after work. Our bodies need movement spaced throughout the day. I work with office-based organisations to improve employee wellbeing through movement. The changes are simple but the results can be huge!

Dynamic Classroom Consulting

Children naturally want to move. Schools understand the importance of play-time but movement during classroom time often gets over looked. I work with teachers, parents and students to help bring more movement into the school day. This can help with physical wellbeing, behaviour and concentration.